Human3rror is Changing/Dividing

Heads up.  This blog is going to change, and that’s a very good thing.

Read more about it after the jump.

One of the things that has been on my heart a lot recently has been the idea of being missional in every thing that I do, which includes blogging.

I want to be intentional with my time (and yours).  I want to be the most effective as I possibly can with what I sit down and write.  I want to eliminate waste.  I want it to be as obvious as possible to readers what the “point” is and why I do what I do.

What’s so great is that it’s been a long time coming, and hasn’t been an overnight emotional trip nor a compulsive do-it-now-or-die move (which I’ve been guilty of).  There are too many influences and workings of God to share, but there are two particular events recently that has moved me to this place.

The first is Lifeshare.

Tony and Carlos‘ collaborative effort to encourage and challenge others to share their online spaces was awesome.  For many it jump-started a passion to be more missional with their online properties, like their blogs, FBs, or MySpaces, etc.  For me, it was about sharing more specifically and sharing less, especially in regards to this blog.

And what I mean by less is the stuff that is not necessarily essential to sharing my life in Christ online.  Like my random videos and shorts or “sites of interest”.  After thinking about it for a bit, I can do without those sections of this blog.  The purpose and reason that I want to blog on human3rror is to share my life and my journey with Christ.  Possibly more importantly, I want it to be obvious to readers that that is the point and why I do what I do.

So goodbye random videos and shorts.  In fact, I’ve killed my ego and DELETED all of these posts that sat in these categories.  Why?  Because they are not a part of the mission of my blog.  Period.

In addition, I’ve deleted every single child-category.  Yes.  My Technorati rating is going to go down, backtracks and links have been annihilated…  Sorry.  That’s what’s got to happen.

The second major influence is happening today:  Church TechCamp.

Actually, it started a few days back when Tony asked me to come on and speak about Online Community.  I was more than happy to. But as I sat down and began going through oodles of corporate research and topics to cover, the conviction to be more purposeful drove even deeper (and that’s what my presentation is ultimately about).

You can download my full presentation here.

So, the net result is that human3rror will no longer be a major source of technological blogging.  Instead, human3rror will essentially be halved, cut in two.

Yes, two separate blogs.  Entirely different, with different missional purposes.


ChurchCrunch is affectionately named after one of my most favorite blogs, TechCrunch, which is a huge source of technological news (So thank you Mike!).

What ChurchCrunch is going to be, essentially, is the technological half of human3rror.  I’ll be blogging there about web technology and it’s impact (or potential impact) for building the Kingdom and spreading the Gospel.

My hope, though, is that it can become so much more.  As an by-product, I’d like it to develop community.  I want to begin to gather likeminded individuals who love Jesus and want to see the internet redeemed.  I hope to gather people to guest post, share their ideas, collaborate, and innovate as we seek to use technology in the best way imaginable.

The bottom line is that I don’t want to do it alone.  I’m just not smart enough and I don’t have enough time.  And, of course, I’m not going to make human3rror a multi-author blogging platform because that would defeat the purpose.

BUT! ChurchCrunch can be one.

So, here’s to being missional.  Here’s to being the most effective as we possibly can be with our personal digital properties.

If you’re interested in getting to know more about ChurchCrunch, be a larger part of it, contribute, make it better, etc, please drop me a line @

Finally, in no way am I suggesting that this course of action should be copied or seen as the best outcome of living on-mission.  I only seek to challenge and encourage you to ask the hard question: Why?  Why do you do what you do?  Really?  And is it the most effectual for completing your mission?

Maybe you need a mission first.