A Humble Start, Posts, and Peace

Whew. One full week of being officially a Full Time Blogger!

I took a screenshot of what TentBlogger looked like right after I had published my first post. I particularly liked how bare it was (but don’t worry, it will evolve!) and how I had one twitter follower and/or feedburner subscriber.

Humble beginnings, right? Love how that happens!

But here’s what it looks like a week later:

TentBlogger now has about 206 followers, 7 posts (including this one), and less than 100 comments.

In regards to traffic, it seems that we’ve had just north of 1,000 visits:

The design, as mentioned previously, is still the same and I really haven’t touched anything else.

All I’ve done is blogged, tweeted, and engaged in the conversation via the comments.

But the biggest thing is that I’ve experienced peace. We can oftentimes feel pressure to post, especially when we create a new blog. We want it to grow so badly and want to be so clever, witty, and to present to the world the very best.

And I’ve historically struggled with those things (in very big ways) but this time I’m completely at ease – I’ll post when I can and engage when I’ve got time. I don’t feel the pressure to create content nor do I feel like my audience is anxiously-awaiting the next post.

It’s truly a refreshing place to be.

Don’t buy into the hype or anxiety or pressure to blog. If you don’t then that’s fine (but I’ll always encourage you to try!). It’s your blog, so keep it your blog.