I Am Hiro Nakamura…?

Time for a change.

I’m going to grow my hair a bit longer I think. I’ve grown weary of the same old style and I haven’t had it long for some time.

But… the problem, of course, is that you have to spend a few months (3 perhaps) where it’s a bit odd and doesn’t look quite right. And to do so we had to cut it a bit short in “preparation” for the right growth.

It’s a science I’m told… this hairstyling thing.

I’ve been told already that I now look more like Hiro, from the Heroes TV Series. I’m not sure this is an upgrade from the Jackie Chan/Bruce Lee comparisons…

Eh. It is what it is… and now it’s a waiting game.

Thoughts? Don’t hold back… I can take it…

And who do you remind people of with your haircut?

At least I have my spiderman.