I hate that guy

Oh, just finished writing a letter to Josh Irby, we’ll see how that goes. Man, i need that recommendation soon… doh.

But, i had also remembered while writing it some story he shared last night….

one of the leaders had an ice breaker for everyone there last night and told us to tell people that we didn’t know what our favorite toy was. after we had done that, josh got up to speak and he was asked what his favorite toy was… instead, he said that it wasn’t a toy, but a shirt, a spider man t-shirt. so… the story goes that one day the spiderman shirt went missing. so, that day, his mother found him digging a hole in their yard and his mother asked him what josh was doing, he replied ‘i lost my spiderman t-shirt’, and his mom was like…’so… why are you digging a hole…?’ and he was like…’uh… i think satan took to to hell with him and i want it back.’ and this was funny enough, ne, but the next thing he said just cracked me up so much and this one line I will say the rest of my life…. he said after sharing this story,

Satan… man, I hate that guy.



haha… man, that was so classic. i love that story and phrase… so good…

*wipes tears from eyes…*

haha… hehe… hoho…

man, that is some good material…