I Haven’t Learned… Yet.

I love Julia Evan’s post on how one can teach themselves hard things. I specifically love the idea of changing the self-defeating talk of “I’m bad at X” and now moving it to “I haven’t learned about X yet.”

This is essentially life, though. Once you’re born you suck at everything. That’s where you start. It’s the only way.

Unfortunately, we eventually start to believe that it’s our fault that we don’t know these things – I’m not sure how that ultimately develops, but, it is tragic and perhaps even fatal.

I’ve been reminded of these things very starkly due to having a newborn as I watch him grow and learn new things, seemingly everyday. Right now (I think…?) he squarely sits in the better camp, where he just hasn’t learned many things… yet.

But, I want to be cognizant and aware of the eventually turn… where he starts telling himself (and others) that he’s simple “bad” at things instead of looking at the situation rationally and objectively.

It’ll be my mission to kill the first and poorly framed perspective and lift up the second which is about staying curious, humble, and open to new ideas. It’s hard since the world likes the first (and I’m guilty of it too!) – so we’ll have to fight for it like our lives depended on it.

And, I’m not sure if saying that is entirely hyperbolic… I think it might be true.

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