I Like Lems

I got a new pair of kicks after seeing my sister and her husband walk in with them while they stayed with us for a few days and I immediately had to try a pair out for myself.

So, I grabbed a pair and hoped for the best (and most places, like Lems, has a decent return policy).

The problem that I’ve had historically with shoes is that my feat are both small and really wide. This creates a number of problems for most manufacturers so I’ve had to try many different types over the years.

In addition, I’ve been using zero drop for the past few years, shoes that allow the foot to sit level to the ground. This means that there’s not much cushion in the shoe but I’ve gotten used to that in addition to the fact that I use a standing desk for nearly all of my working hours.

Here are a few pictures of my new kicks (and my small / wide feet):

They are super-legit and are very lightweight. They fit snugly with a thin pair of socks and feel pretty breathable.

If you’re looking to try something new out… Lems might be a good place to start. After giving them a full and very serious run this weekend I’m already a fan.

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