In-App Icon


As I’ve already shared very quickly in the overview video for the Kickstarter project, here is the in-app icon that I’m going to be using for the application as well as in other design collateral.

I’ll share the app store icon shortly, although backers will have a sneak peek today.

Here’s one use for this particular icon in the app itself:


You can see it being used twice here.

Ok… Now how did I get this sweet layout to showcase the actual icon?


That’s simple: The App Icon Template! 100% free to use although you should definitely donate a few bucks because it’s awesome.

It’s a really neat way to see your icon and how it will “stand out” in a crowd (although we won’t be using this particular icon for the App store… that’ll be released soon).

But, we will use it for things like Twitter, which you can see here – I think it makes a bold statement and is a “strong” looking icon, don’t you agree?



And here is what it looks like in a crowded stream. It still can stand-out a bit:


So nice!