IEEE 1394

Man, wat a waste…  Didn’t goto SNF, I should have… and I didn’t do much work… and my IEEE 1394 Firewire card broke so i can’t access any of my work…


But, uh, had some good convo’s… If that’s any redemption, and did some laundry.

Whoot Whoot…

I’m not even sure if this is worth posting at all…  But, she actually asked me some questions…  Man, have to fight words out of her sometimes, but, when it comes without asking… *sigh…

jleekun (12:36:31 AM): how was snf tonight?
PerleJuin (12:37:30 AM): it was really good….we had discussion about what ppl wanted for the college group…sort of feedback on the past semester
jleekun (12:38:05 AM): really. what were some of the ideas?
PerleJuin (12:41:22 AM): i think the main point addressed was the college group’s role in the church as a whole….of whether we felt disconnected from it or not…
jleekun (12:41:33 AM): what was the general consensu?
jleekun (12:41:37 AM): *consensus.
PerleJuin (12:42:47 AM): i’m not sure if there was one….i think for ppl who haven’t been here long…or are from out of state.. they felt as if they were more belonging to the college group specifically..and for ppl who’ve grown up there and some who weren’t felt that they felt connected to the church as a whole
jleekun (12:43:41 AM): hmm.
jleekun (12:43:49 AM): so, you guys stalemated?
jleekun (12:43:59 AM): or just inconclusive…
jleekun (12:44:20 AM): is that all you guys discussed?
jleekun (12:44:28 AM): any bible study?
PerleJuin (12:45:01 AM): no…we talked more on whether ppl liked the bible study..whether they would want a share group sort of thing on campus…different things like that
jleekun (12:45:20 AM): do people like the bible study?
PerleJuin (12:46:33 AM): we didn’t talk about the sat one….btw we’re starting a different study next week or so….but the sunday topical ones we had last semester….i think ppl in general liked them
jleekun (12:47:41 AM): cool.
PerleJuin (12:48:40 AM): hey..there’s a japanese bible online
jleekun (12:49:17 AM): where?
PerleJuin (12:49:43 AM):
jleekun (12:50:23 AM): oOoOoOoOoh.
jleekun (12:50:24 AM): tight.
jleekun (12:50:58 AM): thankx.
PerleJuin (12:51:02 AM): =)
jleekun (12:51:11 AM): have any realy good QT’s lately?
PerleJuin (12:55:48 AM): i’m reading thru 1 samuel….been reflecting a lot on obedience lately…and David’s unhesistating obedience to God’s been very inspiring….the way he’s able to advance with complete faith in what the Lord has promised him
jleekun (12:56:28 AM): oh. tight.
jleekun (12:56:36 AM): 1st samuel is mad good.
jleekun (12:56:45 AM): they should make a movie about 1st and 2nd samuel.
jleekun (12:56:49 AM): man, that would be the best movie ever.
jleekun (12:57:08 AM): so much stuff.  you’ve got the perfect script right there.
PerleJuin (12:57:08 AM): hahaah…there’s movie called the life of david
PerleJuin (12:57:11 AM): pretty long
PerleJuin (12:57:26 AM): remember watching it when i was little
jleekun (12:57:31 AM): it can’t possibly be as graphic though.. right?
PerleJuin (12:58:10 AM): idk…can’t remember thinking if it was or not
jleekun (12:58:27 AM): toned down… boo…
PerleJuin (12:58:39 AM): hahahaha
PerleJuin (12:59:32 AM): hmm…i remember there were a lot of biblical themed movies on tv when i was growing up….but there hardly seems to be any these days
jleekun (12:59:41 AM): sign of the times…
jleekun (12:59:51 AM): alas…
PerleJuin (12:59:59 AM): yea…me and my sister used to look forward to watching king of kings every christmas….
jleekun (1:00:04 AM): haha.
jleekun (1:00:05 AM): awesome.
jleekun (1:00:58 AM): is your QT about obedience something you’d be willing to share at the next prayer meeting?
PerleJuin (1:01:25 AM): yea..
jleekun (1:01:36 AM): why the ‘..’
PerleJuin (1:02:41 AM): o..haha…i think i have a habit of doing that
PerleJuin (1:02:50 AM): typing…at the end
jleekun (1:02:55 AM): oh, i do 3 …’s.
jleekun (1:02:57 AM): not two.
jleekun (1:02:58 AM): haha.
jleekun (1:03:01 AM): gotcah.
jleekun (1:03:05 AM): *gotcha.
jleekun (1:03:07 AM): oh, that was ruined.
PerleJuin (1:03:08 AM): =D
jleekun (1:03:08 AM): boo.
PerleJuin (1:09:45 AM): hey…heard u went to emory acf friday…how was it?
jleekun (1:10:17 AM): it was alright.
jleekun (1:10:23 AM): not the normal acf they usually have…
jleekun (1:10:29 AM): but, good time of fellowship i suppose.
jleekun (1:11:03 AM): a different bunch of people of course, which, is good… good to see what kinds of other christians are out there that I haven’t really met.
jleekun (1:11:03 AM): we saw a movie, and analyzed it.
jleekun (1:11:05 AM): john q.
jleekun (1:11:20 AM): iif you havent seen that one, i would recommend it.
jleekun (1:11:27 AM): brings me to tears a couple times…
jleekun (1:11:30 AM): man, maybe like 4 times during the movie.
PerleJuin (1:11:35 AM): really?…yea..i haven’t seen it
jleekun (1:11:38 AM): man…
jleekun (1:11:42 AM): this guy…
jleekun (1:12:01 AM): denzel washington… as john quincy a…something.
jleekun (1:12:03 AM): i forget his last name.
jleekun (1:12:19 AM): goes to great… man, incredidible lenghts to save his son’s life.
jleekun (1:12:44 AM): i hope that when i have a child that I will be as dedicated to my family as that man.
jleekun (1:12:46 AM): man…
jleekun (1:12:48 AM): so good.
jleekun (1:13:03 AM): some of the lines are just increidible.
jleekun (1:13:09 AM): lots of christian imagery and wha tnot.
jleekun (1:13:27 AM): it would have beena  perfect viewing, except, the emory crowd is kinda noisy…
jleekun (1:13:35 AM): that sucked.
PerleJuin (1:13:42 AM): =D
jleekun (1:13:44 AM): but……..
jleekun (1:13:56 AM): over all, i met about 20 new people…
jleekun (1:14:05 AM): and they seem down to earth.
jleekun (1:14:12 AM): so, thats cool.
jleekun (1:14:24 AM): still, not many guys… emory is lacking in that department…
jleekun (1:14:35 AM): emory needs more strong brothers… sheesh.
jleekun (1:14:49 AM): they have a few, but….
PerleJuin (1:14:51 AM): hahahaha
jleekun (1:15:07 AM): mostly women, which, is cool, but…
jleekun (1:15:15 AM): its like the opposite of tech’s acf.
jleekun (1:15:16 AM): i guess.
PerleJuin (1:15:19 AM): yea
jleekun (1:15:36 AM): id like to go this friday as well when they have a normal acf.
jleekun (1:15:39 AM): see how its really done.
PerleJuin (1:16:23 AM): yea…i haven’t been there since last yr…but i liked the times i’ve been there
jleekun (1:17:36 AM): yeah.
jleekun (1:17:37 AM): hmm….
jleekun (1:19:19 AM): eh…
jleekun (1:19:34 AM): have a lot of work this weekend?
PerleJuin (1:19:45 AM): nah..don’t think so
PerleJuin (1:19:57 AM): the usual
jleekun (1:20:00 AM): japanese test monday.
jleekun (1:20:01 AM): …
jleekun (1:20:02 AM): :-)
jleekun (1:20:04 AM): haha.
jleekun (1:20:06 AM): *eh…
jleekun (1:20:43 AM): hey…
jleekun (1:21:08 AM): you know that guy that was sitting to the left of me wednesday night…?
jleekun (1:21:13 AM): david, wasn’t it…?
PerleJuin (1:21:18 AM): yea
jleekun (1:21:21 AM): did you say that that guy was like me?
jleekun (1:21:23 AM): or something like that…
PerleJuin (1:21:35 AM): o.yea…yea..that was him
PerleJuin (1:22:18 AM): he was different from when i first met him wednesday tho
PerleJuin (1:22:25 AM): a lot more quieter
PerleJuin (1:23:25 AM): why?…were u trying to see any similarities?
jleekun (1:23:54 AM): well, actually, i didn’t realize it was him until about 2 min ago…
jleekun (1:24:08 AM): and i didn’t have one of those…  “hey, he’s like me”  kinda feelings…
jleekun (1:24:10 AM): so,
jleekun (1:24:20 AM): i mean, didn’t you say he looked like me or seomthing?
jleekun (1:24:22 AM): …
jleekun (1:24:25 AM): or just the way he acts…
jleekun (1:24:29 AM): i dunno.
jleekun (1:24:32 AM): im confused.
PerleJuin (1:25:46 AM): o..i think eric was saying that he reminded him of u…and i said that i could see it…idk don’t think it’s looks or particular actions…but i guess i got those similar impression thoughts
jleekun (1:27:02 AM): oh.  does he goto kcpc?
PerleJuin (1:27:45 AM): no…i think he used to go to intown…but right now..he’s not really going to church…don’t really know..i’ve only met him a couple of times
jleekun (1:27:57 AM): oh, i see…
jleekun (1:27:58 AM): hmm…
jleekun (1:37:52 AM): well, i think its past my bedtime…  im gonna get some rest.
jleekun (1:37:59 AM): night night su.
PerleJuin (1:38:04 AM): g’nite
jleekun (1:38:13 AM): see you tomorrow, bright and early.
jleekun (1:38:17 AM): :-)
PerleJuin (1:38:24 AM): =)

*ugh…  Talked with Edy for a bit… boo… …  and thats about it.

Brandi called me…!  For like the first time ever… sheesh.  It was really good.  Our conversations have changed in discourse, all for the better.  Just so chill now.  Tight.  So cool.

And, now, I’m tired.  shower, teeth, some meditation… and then… dreamy lando.

I’m out.