… then one should just stop now. Immediately.

I have had a terrible habit in the past of entertaining almost every novel idea that has popped into my brain and quickly purchasing a domain name that captures the idea succinctly.

The result has been a massive collection of completely wasted and unused URLs that collect dust (and burn holes into my wallet).

As I’ve grown as an adult I’ve recognized my ability to be much more honest with myself about whether I will actually spend time building it out (whatever “it” might be).

The result has been an exponential decrease of emotional thrashing and a lot more money stays in my pocket. All good things.

I’m also more motivated to move quickly to remove extraneous things from my life that might end up bottlenecking me later down the line.

True agency over one’s time is precious and rare, especially these days. I have almost no time for folks who are fine with wasting theirs (and potentially mine).

If that particular project or idea is never going to launch (and you know it) then just don’t start at all. There’s a sense that I have about these types of things and what I’ve tried to do is listen more to my heart about them.

You just know it… right?

You’ll free yourself up for the really important opportunities and you’ll be glad you have margin to actually entertain them.

I’ve never been disappointed when I’ve had time to execute against the great stuff… but I’ve been sorely disappointed when I have no time to take hold of an opportunity because I’m swamped with mediocre bullshit.

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