If Not This Company…

… then which company will it be?

I have this thought often as I work with my new-ish team, building a new-ish product, and creating a new-ish culture.

(When do you stop saying that your startup is “new”…?)

The best attitude to have when you create a new company is to believe that this one will be the last one that you ever do; in this way you’ll give the company and all of your partners everything that you have, leaving nothing on the table.

This doesn’t mean that there isn’t a “Plan B” – it’s just that a Plan B isn’t something you actively think about while you’re working on “Plan A” and hoping, praying, willing it into existence.

Consequently, this is the company where you’ll put it all on the line, you’ll put your heart & soul into it, and you’ll do what you’ve always wanted to do because… well… this is it.

This means that the smallest of things from the biggest should be considered. You only get one shot at making it all great.

Go for broke.