I’m Up and Ready God

Man, I’m up and ready God.  I’m ready to go for You.  Tight, ne?

I dunno, I come back from preparing for the prayer meeting last night so convicted.  Lord, I know that was You just talking to me and just helping me prepare me for what You want me to talk about.  It’s kinda strange how You always talk to me late at night, but, I kinda get this mental image, when I’m all alone, preparing for these things up on the 4th floor of the library… that You are there sitting next to me or that You are peeking over my shoulder and just whispering in my ear You words.  Kinda cool.  Yeah, so, after writing 2 full pages of notes and what not, it’s gonna be a long message it seems… not too light hearted, cause its on ‘compromise’, but, it’ll be good.   Long, but, good, Lord, I hope so.  It may be so long that I’m gonna try to stay longer than the 1 hour that I’m assigned and just pray for awhile after the hour is up, skip class or miss the beginning of it… Man, I don’t even care if I have a quiz or what not.  I’d rather pray.  So, yeah.  We’ll see how that goes.

Just wanna thank You for giving me lots of strength last night Lord.  I asked You twice for strength.  To do Your work and then the work I had to do for school.  You gave them both to me.  Man, that was awesome.  It just convicts me even more about Your power and how You can give things to me if I only come to You and ask, thru my heart… and yeah, even though these were little things… Lord, You even granted me the smallest desires.  That’s kinda neat.  I was so revved up to go after preparing for like, 3+ hours for the prayer meeting… and then getting down to study for a japanese kanji test that I have today that I dind’t know anything about… man.  You are awesome…  I have that test in a couple min, I’m gonna go review, then take the test, then help kyong with her paper, then Your prayer meeting, then class, maybe, then tutor that girl in english… yeah, and then CCC then men’s accountability… man, today is SO FULL!!!  Lord, again, I just ask You for strength today.  I thought this week was gonna be a breeze… man, I truly underestimated my work load… and today… I have to fit sometime to do that webpage for 3404!!! crapper!  man.. Lord, just give me Your strength, that’s all I need…

Thanks.  Lord, You are awesome!