Immersive VR Employees

Asok doesn’t really like the new setup:

via Dilbert

My initial reaction to this cartoon was a light chuckle and then a realization that although this might be a bit silly¬†now it’s probably not too far off from being a reality.

Many companies have fully embraced the reality (and effectiveness) of the remote employee. The way in which the individual interfaces with the company is less important than their ability to interact with their team effectively.

Ironically, the only thing truly¬†hostile is Asok’s inability to accept an obvious and imminent future. Even the “new” and young-ish folks can struggle with accepting the inevitable.

Which means that it’s even harder for older folks (myself included). I find myself at an interesting time and period of my life where I am quickly being outpaced with the change that is happening around me.

Simply put, I’m slowing down when the rest of the world is speeding up and it’s forced me to think fundamentally different about the value that I feel like I can bring to an organization and the specific place at the table that makes the most sense.

My future is changing… just slightly behind the rest of the world but it feels like I’m right on time.