Imposter Syndrome

via NYTimes:

It’s at the moment when you’re most vulnerable that all your doubts come crashing in around you. When I first heard that voice in my own head, I didn’t know what to make of it. The fear was paralyzing.

I do not believe that I personally struggle with this as much as a few other folks that I know but I am familiar with the feeling, a deep and unsettling thought cycle that suggests that you’re right on the very cusp of being “discovered” or “found out” – it’s this idea that you’ve been able to fool everyone, even those closest to you, for a very, very long time and the wrapping is about to come undone.

Besides, I have my own set of challenges already – I don’t need any more.


What helps me manage and cope with these thoughts is to look back at all that’s been accomplished and to be reminded that during the very best of times I didn’t feel at all like an impostor. In fact, I was so busy getting stuff done and working with great people that I had very little time to be thinking about whether any of it was really real.

Staying busy is important for me. Not busy for busy’s own sake, but investing in the things that matter the very most. Sometimes that includes not doing anything and just simply resting.