In Our Lifetime

When the man who helped defeat smallpox was asked if the covid-19 outbreak “he’d ever seen” he replied:

It’s the most dangerous pandemic in our lifetime.

Larry Brilliant via Wired

Scary, informative, and to the point. A good and worthy read.

I’ve had those conversations, by the way. Most especially with my children—I’ve told them that they are living through one of the most significant events to happen to not just them but the entire human race.

In. Our. Lifetime.

I can’t believe it. I simply cannot believe it. I live in a city (and now state) that is under lockdown. Military vehicles have been seen to arriving in New York City and Italy is already under martial law.

What. The. Fuck. Is. Happening.

I told a friend today on the phone (because internet was entirely spotty and being disconnected feels like I can’t breathe) that there is an imminent mental health pandemic that will hit post-coronavirus.

My wife and I are under serious psychological strain — it’s costing us precious hours of sleep, productivity, and a rapidly-disappearing sense of stability and peace, despite our preparedness.

Exponential growth is alarming and the time to act when facing that type of impossibly-fast growth is to make decisions before they feel entirely appropriate and/or reasonable.

In other words, if you ever catch yourself saying “It just feels too early to make that decision” then it’s probably time to actually make it.


As a parent, as a provider, as a protector, and as someone who’s responsible for other human beings—what do you do? Here’s what you do: You make the call. You do the very things that most others would only ever mentally consider doing—and you go do those things.

That’s what you do.