Indie Apps and Inspiration

via Wiselike:

What was your inspiration to begin creating Indie apps?

Did you wake up one day and have an idea for an app and see that it hadn’t been created yet? Did you decide in that moment that you were going to create it?

Here’s my answer:

I am inspired by the things that I do, in an odd but obvious sort of way.

For instance, I write every single day on my blog (at least once publicly although i write in many other mediums, like my personal, physical moleskine notebook…).

Clearly, building tools that help me do that makes sense, so I was inspired to build tools that help me do what I’m already doing, but with greater effectiveness and speed.

Creating products isn’t a complex process. Sometimes it’s just opening your eyes to your own specific needs and realizing that you aren’t a unique little snowflake in the universe and that your own specific needs are probably shared with hundreds, if not hundreds-of-thousands, of people in the world.

Voila, you have a product that could sell to others… and now you have a business.

Does it work like this all the time? Obviously not. Sometimes your implementation just sucks (and that’s fine too). Being an “indie” developer allows you the freedom to choose success as you’d like it to be and that’s one of the really nice things about it.