Staring at my iTunes Connect Dashboard is pretty surreal these days as I’m looking at moving from 1 version of the Desk product to 3.

But more than that, I’m actually, in total, launching another indie project as well, which will bring the total count of active products in the store to 4, which is the most active apps that I’ve ever had at one time.

This wasn’t ever the plan and it’s been more of an organic move as the projects have progressed, and so it’s neither a complete shock nor does it feel awkward. It feels natural.

What’s nice is that my work and investment is still manageable and isn’t overwhelming and I still feel okay with not making it my full-time thing. In fact, that does feel awkward if I were to consider doing it, at least at this time.

Am I headed toward a more “indie-serious” type of lifestyle and vocation? I don’t think so, at least not right now. There’s still a lot that I want to do professionally that doesn’t include just software development and I want to continue to grow as a professional and business person in many areas.

But, I am getting a serious kick out of development and product engineering and it’s keeping me in the “game” in a serious fashion. And, I really love building and shipping things, so, there’s always that high that comes with it.

The products should go into review today or tomorrow, at least according to App Review Times – I can’t wait to get it out into the wild!