Blogging and Indirection

I spend a great deal of time encouraging everyone I meet to do more writing. I think writing has become a nice-to-do and a sidelined skill and activity that more people have abandoned for other less valuable activities.

I’ve stated my reasons why I write many times and I think it’s important for everyone to discover their own personal reasons why they engage in the most-healthy activity of writing.

One of the natural outcauses that I have shared continually is the natural benefit of being exposed on the internet and the natural opportunities that arise from being more visible. In fact, much of my own personal success both personally and professionally can track back to my blog in some way.

This is the reason why I love Gaping Void’s perfect thoughts about how a blog contributes to ongoing growth and success:

Blogs are a great way to make things happen indirectly.

I couldn’t agree more. Although there have been some instances where the blog has directly contributed to an amazing opportunity the truth is that most of this happens indirectly.

I give a talk to every education cohort about the value of personal branding and blogging and I walk through a number of examples of how blogging has accelerated a lot of what I do and how it has opened doors that I never imagined.

I simply cannot imagine anyone not taking on a serious perspective of how a blog can quite literally become a part of their professional success story. Just think about all those that have come before us and how much of what they have done included the fine art of communication via published word.

Even if it was mostly through indirect channels.