A Key Ingredient for Innovative Thinking

As if...

As if…

A large portion of my job as an entrepreneur and leader is to come up with crazy and sometimes random ideas. I know, sounds fun, right?

It’s actually a lot of work and to not only identify an opportunity but formulate a business model that somehow extracts value out of an existing ecosystem requires a lot of brain power. There are some people where this comes incredibly natural to them but the problem that I’ve encountered with these types of people (and they admit it) is that they often fail to actually¬†do something with it.

Identifying opportunity is easy – we all do that biologically as it’s part of our natural order to self-preserve, but capitalizing on one is an entirely different matter.

What I’ve discovered over time is that it’s quite possible to fabricate an environment that helps facilitate innovative thinking; in other words, construct and manufacture variables in your circumstance to produce more signals than noise in your very already-busy mind.

What are some of the mechanisms that I use to help construct these very vibrant ecosystems of thought and ingenuity?

There are a few but one of the key ingredients for me is simple: Rest. Lots of it.

I’m already exhausted from the previous day’s demands and the demands of the current day and even tomorrow – so it requires an intentionality that few afford but let me tell you that it works.

Margin creates opportunity for rest and rest is the garden in which ideas can grow. If you’re constantly tired how will you ever have the energy to produce that game-changing idea? I can’t tell you how many times I wake up from a nap fully refreshed and the idea that I’ve been wrestling with is fully clarified in my mind’s eye or after a well-rested night I wake up with an entirely new thought.

If you’re limiting your amount of rest than you’re limiting your ability to think with innovation. Sure, you may be getting a lot done but you know as well as I do that you’re still sadly unsatisfied when you flop into bed completely spent.