What the Insiders Know

When a new thing forms it has nothing but raw, pure, and untapped potential.

The excitement around it is palpable – it’s as if everyone knows that the distance between success and failure, life and death of the project is, pixel-deep. Will it survive or will it die?

The Silk Road opens for business (via Reddit).

When The Silk Road first opened its virtual doors in February of 2011 very few people understood what they were seeing, much less what it represented.

To the 655 registered users who could only see 60 listings and very little track-record of a working product (145 transactions to date) the promise and potential of something that would ultimately make history was, most likely, not even a passing thought – at least for most people.

For the silent few, the insiders who “got it,” this was the beginning of something radically-different and they were ecstatic to be a part of it. For them, even the warning note at the bottom of the site didn’t stop them:

This site runs on the Tor anonymity network. It can be expected to run slowly and occasionally drop connections.

Grace is easy to collectively give and distribute when you recognize your role as an early explorer and fellow trailblazer!

I feel the exact same way about YEN and our small-yet-passionate community of early-believers (our “Yenizens!”) who are neither bothered by the speculative ups and downs of a volatile and young market or using a platform that is being built “while in flight”!

Instead, they are our fellow co-builders who see the much larger, long-term upside of helping to launch a platform that has already begun to deliver on the promise of a “better way to do crypto”; a community-first system built from the ground-up with their (evolving) needs in mind.

We had our own little “Silk Road” start in October of last year when we launched what was essentially our prototype product to a few select folks:

And just like early members of The Silk Road, these folks helped us not just test the platform but they pushed our team to keep building, to keep listening to their needs, and who gave us the strength to continue to push forward, regardless of a bear or bull market.

What our early community saw, what we all fundamentally came to know and understand, was that a continuous and dedicated effort of a passionate few could literally change the world.

Because when you become an “insider,” everything simply changes.

Big things are happening with our community and platform – later this week we’ll continue to celebrate our collective work together more of our insiders and we’ll share stories of not only where we’ve been and also where we are all headed – we can’t wait to give our early community members a sneak peek!

Until then, you can most likely expect a few “dropped connections” and even a “slow site” (although that will be extremely rare) now and again. But no worries since we’re all in this together.

See you soon!