Replicating Inspiration for Continued Success

Design inspiration for my blogs start here... every single time.

As you already know this blog, both from a content and design perspective, is an active work in progress. Certainly the latter part will become more solidified than the former (and it’s not like a blog is ever done with content, right?).

But my designs for great blogs always start in the same exact place: My Moleskine.

Where does your design-creativity start? Is it consistently the same place?

The only reason I ask is because I’ve found that people operate via patterns and methods, even those that may not be explicit. Design appears to fit in that category at times, especially the places where we find inspiration as well as where we make note of it.

Pay attention the next time you find your inspiration for your blog design, content, and anything else because your opportunity is to replicate it over, and over, and over again.

And that’s one of my so-called “secrets to success” as they say – I simply have identified the environments, methods, and contexts in which inspiration happens a lot and taken a systematic approach to duplicate it as often as I can.

Some would say this eliminates the obviously-powerful instantaneous and random appearances of inspiration and “dumbs” down the intrinsic quality thereof; I seriously beg to differ. If you’re aware of an optimal setting to get struck by lighting (if that was your goal) then you’d stand there all the time, right?

Same thing.

Thoughts? Love to hear your perspective on this and where (and how) you get your inspiration specifically as it relates to your blog!