Sacrificing Integrity for Speed


Hey… we’re just running experiments, that’s all.

Naïve CEO

I grabbed coffee with a first-time founder who came with an extensive marketing background after having built up a decent set of experiences, skills, and wins on her personal résumé.

Hell, she even had “an exit” or two.

See wanted my advice on how to best build a go-to market strategy that maximally-leveraged organic returns instead of paying for growth, which, I agreed was a good challenge to encounter until she told me that instead of spending money on growth, her team is spending it on experiments that intentionally and purposefully sit in the legal and TOS purgatory (or at least an ethical gray-area).

In other words, they are doing things that could get them banned from services or even face legal action.

Now, I know that the likelihood of that actually happening is probably less than 1 in a million, but, that’s not the point—the point is that she decided, a few weeks or months or years ago, that she was okay with sacrificing her integrity for speed.

And, as a matter of course, she was also okay with sacrificing her company’s integrity (and future) for speed as well. I told her that my time with her was, unfortunately, a waste and that I could no longer give counsel that would be useful.

We parted ways quickly which was good; I had wanted to get some early-lunch and was effectively famished.

I ate really well that afternoon.