Intern with Pinpoint

I’m excited to share that I’m opening up a small “internship program” today!

The reason for the quotes is that there’s a part of me that doesn’t want to call it an internship but that’s what it essentially is, so, I’ll dispense with the creativity and call it what it is!

If you’re interested then continue to read! If not, well, there’s always yesterday’s issue of #EngOps which has some really good content to read, curated by yours truly!

A Quick Company Overview

For a small bit of context:

  1. We are an early-stage, pre-market, pre-revenue, bootstrapped SaaS startup here in San Francisco / Silicon Valley.
  2. The 3 founders are experienced business builders and entrepreneurs (all technical) having sold their last businesses to public companies. A little bit of history around Jeff and Nolan’s last project even has its own Wikipedia page.
  3. We are obsessed with software engineering and how companies build software. We want to help individuals and teams do it better.

I feel tempted to add more points here, but, I think that’ll do for now. There’s a lot that sits below the surface of those 3 bullets but I imagine that’ll come up more during the conversations that we may have!

Internship Overview

A few quick line-items that you’ll want to consider and know upfront:

  1. It’s an unpaid internship. We’re currently bootstrapped, so, that’s that.
  2. We fundamentally believe in Tours of Duty, a system of thinking around employment and doing great work.
  3. Each tour is 30 days (i.e. one month, roughly), with an open conversation to continue with another tour after completion.
  4. Project-based and goal-oriented. My hope is that you leave each tour with new knowledge, new skills, and new perspectives that will serve you exceedingly well wherever you head next.
  5. As an early-stage startup we’re inclined to hire on characteristics and people, not jobs.
  6. 1st Tour of Duty starts April 1. You’ll be reporting to me. Remote is 👍🏼 …!

I’d like to stop here because I could go into so much more detail, but, much of those details will likely change the moment I hit the “Publish” button – that’s how startups operate!

How to Apply

Interested in starting a conversation? Fantastic. Here’s how to apply to your first Tour of Duty with Pinpoint:

  1. Join the Pinpoint HQ Slack Group.
  2. Head to the #internship channel and share with us who you are, your background a bit, and what excites you.
  3. If you have any further questions you can always DM me via Slack.

The 1st Tour of Duty and Cohort starts April 1st. Can’t wait to chat. It should be really fun.