3 Tips on Developing Your Blogging Intuition with a Bit of Data

One of the things that you’ll continue to develop over time is your ability to know¬†what to do as your blog grows. This could be related to traffic, installing the right WordPress Theme or Plugin, or how to foster and create community that’s appropriate for your unique blog.

For sure there is still a lot of ambiguity and a tad bit of luck involved with growing a blog to a sustainable place but that’s why you have the use of data, blog analytics, and other such indicators that can help point you in the right direction.

I think the combination of both your data and your experience will ultimately increase you intuition as a blogger where you’ll be able to make the right adjustments, find the right mix of strategy and execution, and when to engage with such things as blog advertising, or even a premium forum for your community.

What you’ll discover that as you become more comfortable with your handle of the data that is native and intrinsic in your blog (and even becoming more familiar with the code) the more comfortable you’ll become as a blogger – I haven’t always appreciated this fact but you’ve probably experienced it as you’ve grown your own blog – the more you use it, the more you see it grow, the more you find points of frustration and then solve them, the more “in tune” you become with your blog.

There’s a sense of peace and of control that’s very satisfying when you reach those points in your blogging journey (although it can be difficult to know exactly where you are at times).

Here are a few things that can help you develop your blogging intuition better; see if they help:

  1. Analytics – Spend more time in your analytics, understanding more about what they do and how they can help you. Reviewing recent “quick tip” blog posts about Bing SEO for example can be a great start.
  2. Experiment – I wrote how I think experimentation is one of the most important things that you can do as a blogger and the more you tinker and “poke” your blog the better. You’ll see how your blog responds to certain things, certain increases of traffic, and changes that you make.
  3. Compare Notes – Find community and other bloggers that are around the same “spot” as you and compare notes. That’s one of the reasons I created the Community Forums as a trusted place to compare notes with a bit of privacy as well.

Try one of those things this week and see how it feels for you.

There’s a balance you must strike as a blogger between the data you see and the direction you want to move your blog based on your intuition. How will you direct it’s course? Where are you going to take it for the rest of this year?

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