iOS 7


iOS 7 was announced yesterday and the world stood in wonder as flat design was given the center stage and anything skeumorphic seemed yesteryear.

For me, there were just a few things that were of vital importance and if you’ve been following the development at all then you probably already know:

  1. iOS 7 Compatibility – The short and easy answer is yes. When the official release rolls out in September I’ll make a definite update. I’ll even take a stab at making a “flat” version of the icon for giggles. I’m sure by then there will be a number of tutorials on how to make this change since I’m not a designer myself.
  2. Photos and Filters – This one is not as big as you might think and that’s because just a few days ago I reminded myself what the core focus of Pressgram really is: It’s part philosophical (freedom of ownership, commercialization), part publishing (we will focus on great publishing, as I have always intended via WordPress), and part personal (people love their blogs more than they do their Twitter or Facebook profiles, or any other social media for that matter). Our core competency is the same thing as well. We can be delighted by native filtering as that may make the process of publishing to one’s own blog even faster! That’s a good thing.
  3. Integrations – With #2 in mind there are some new features in iOS 7 that I’m going to explore post v1.0 for deeper and tighter integrations with native apps. This could be really neat.

So to be quite honest, I’m not worried in the slightest. Pressgrammers can delight in other photo apps and leverage those for their use with Pressgram (and we should highlight great apps that are doing neat things!).

We are an open community interested in creating value for ourselves and others. iOS 7 seems to be headed in the right direction, and I’m very excited:

I installed iOS 7 Beta last night and Pressgram looks a bit out of place, design-wise!

I installed iOS 7 Beta last night and Pressgram looks a bit out of place, design-wise!

Oh, and if you want a more visual overview of all of iOS 7, then check out my other post.