First Impressions – The iPad Mini

My wife picked one up for me, Black with 32GB

I am really digging the new iPad Mini¬†and I’ll let you in on the #1 reason why, just in case you have to go read or do something else: The size works incredibly well for my small hands.

As I mention in the video following this is quite a big deal for me, especially since I have small hands. The fatigue of also having to try to hold it with one hand to do some operations was also a very large factor as well as the iPad mini is much lighter and easier to grip than the previous versions.

Sure, it hasn’t been a full day yet but initial impressions with me typically don’t change with use – I hope that these stick for the length of the use of the product!

From left to right: New iPad (v3), iPad 2, iPad 1

As I mention in the video I’ve tried all of the previous versions and have felt ok about them – I haven’t raved about the technology like I do my MacBook Air (not even close) so it’s been a somewhat mediocre addition to the family, so to speak.

In fact, they all have struggled to find a legitimate and consistent place in my overall business workflow. Sure, the entertainment aspect is incredibly nice but I don’t buy the gadgets with the hope of finding a new way to watch a movie.

iPad mini could fit under the bezel of the iPad 1
I really like the new power connection called Lightning

Here are a few images of why I really like the new iPad mini:

One hand? Yes… Yes!
Typing is much easier for my hands

Watch my short review here:

In the end the best way for you to figure out if this is the right purchase for you is to head to an Apple Store and put one in your hands – for those that may not suffer from “small asian hand syndrome” like me then the purchase is probably not one that matters much.

Love to hear your thoughts!

And lastly, here’s the most awkward shot of the day as I found myself taking a picture of my own booty:

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