One of the critical decisions that I made early on is focusing on iPhone device exclusively for the first version of the product. At this point, who’s to tell if there will ever be a version beyond that.

But, I had originally thought that I’d try to make the app compatible with all iOS 6 devices, including the iPad. As you can see, I even wireframed out an iPad screen to just se what it might look like.

Sadly, after thinking it over, this is anything but a MVP decision for me at this point and it would take many more hours to create compatibility with the iPad despite my love for the iPad, especially the iPad Mini.

One of the critical decisions in any app’s startup life is to be incredibly critical of what makes it through the door and what does not. For me, at this point, the target market are those with iOS 6 iPhones (4 and 5) and reach critical mass there, assuming that it gets much attention at all.

If the market can bear and shows interest for an iPad version then I would consider it – but if this concept totally sucks then why would I waste anytime now with building it out?

And since I am my greatest customer I wouldn’t be really using Pressgram on my iPad. Smart? Well, not really; I’m just trying to save myself work at this point.

[Update: It’s now a stretch goal on my Kickstarter Project!]