Simplify All the Things

Changing my life...!

Changing my life…!

Which means… everything.

My life is incredibly complex already – just like yours I imagine. I have been doing everything I possibly can to simplify even the smallest details so I can prepare for an incredible 2013, which is passing by at record speed. Seriously, we’re almost done with January and it’s scaring the crap out of me.

Everything in my life on the table and is up for simplifying – from what I eat to what I wear to how I manage my team to how I write to how I drive my freakin’ car. It all matters and it’s all interdependent.

So when my friend Tom introduced me to his new wallet + phone solution I had to try it out.



This credit card iPhone 5 case by Speck is amazing for two reasons:

  1. It combines my wallet and phone into one solution. 2 ~~~> 1 is amazing.
  2. It forces me to strip to the bare minimum of what I carry. I used to carry 6 credit cards with me including a MARTA pass, two health insurance cards, my Driver’s License, and even some cash. Now I have 3 cards: One debit card, my license, and my health insurance.

Sure, sure – if I lose my phone I lose my “wallet” too. But I’m not too worried about that. I’ve used it for one full day while shopping at Target, eating out, and Starbucks – it’s changing my world!

It’s not as sleek as my last one but it’s infinitely more functional. Simplify all the things. Seriously. Thanks Tom.