iPhone 6 Plus


What size?

It took 4+ weeks to get here but I’ve been far too busy to really care about not having one so when my wife dropped it on my chest as I lay passed out on my couch (I didn’t hear the knock on the door) I didn’t react in my typical fashion of exuberance; sleep seemed like a much more attractive activity than restoring and reconfiguring a new device.

But eventually my curiosity gave way and I stumbled to my notebook computer with the small package in hand. 5 minutes later I was in the process of restoring an iCloud version and was generally underwhelmed.

It’s not that I’m not going to enjoy the device – it’s just that this iteration doesn’t feel as ground-breaking as the previous versions that have been released. I’m not exactly sure what it is quite yet but I imagine it has to do with the core (and perhaps only) motive for getting the new version in the first place: Image capture.

You see, my wife and I made a very clear and intentional decision almost 1 year ago to the day that if we were going to capture our lives and the lives of our children digitally then it would be through our mobile devices exclusively.

I had purchased a DSLR and really loved it as the images that it captured were stunning. But, as the saying goes, the best camera is the one that you have on you and I simply cannot lug any sized DSLR around with me and the speed at which life happens does not wait for one to quickly boot up a DSLR.


Compare here.

So, we sold our lovely Canon that we’ve had for quite some time and put our faith into our mobile devices and smartphones. We have not yet regretted that decision for an instant.

Consequently, my decision to get the larger iPhone 6 was simply because I wanted the very best image capture experience and the 6 Plus had the “Optical Image Stabilization” technology while the smaller one did not.

So, since my motive and intent was simple and clearly defined it was just a matter of waiting patiently to retire my iPhone 5S so that I could get a device that would capture my family’s journey together with a little more clarity and fidelity.

And, as a result, the rest of the device itself is just icing from both the hardware upgrades / form factor and the software implementation of iOS 8 into a larger frame. My lack of emotion, therefore, I believe is then understandable.

I took some pictures yesterday and a few videos while I was coaching my U-8 co-ed soccer team and they were amaaaaaaaazing. After reviewing them last night I actually got a bit more excited about my purchase since I could now see the results (up to 1080p quality):

By the way, I stitched these 4 videos together using Apple’s iMovie for iOS – super easy to do (I impressed myself)!

As my father has always asked me: “John, do you like your purchase?” I can confidently reply “Yes, yes I do.