20 Must Have iPhone Apps for the Casual and Professional Blogger

These apps help me become a mobile blogger.

It’s true – I’m addicted to my iPhone (but it’s not my fault!).

Sure, sure… I have tons of good excuses like the fact that being a full-time blogger requires that I’m using it constantly or that my startup business require that I have one with me at all times but it’s really the apps that keep me so hooked!

Here are the applications that I use to keep my blogging efforts fluid and effective:

1. WordPress for iOS

Without question this app is a must have for the serious blogging professional. Heck, you don’t even have to be a “pro” to see the value in this one!

With a new update that allows you to see your traffic stats right in the system (via WordPress.com Stats) it’s a killer app that you need!

Get it right here.

2. Instagram

Instagram is a photo application that has become one of my all-time favorites. It allows you to take photos, give them some neat effects and share them with via the most popular social networks.

I use the photos often for many of my blog posts and love the look and feel of all of the effects. It really “ups” the quality of a blog post with a good image!

I’ve tried many of the other image and photo apps for iOS but this one takes the cake!

3. TweetBot

This is obvious because my last post was all about TweetBot!

You’ll have to check out that full post to get a perspective of how much I like it but I feel it’s the best Twitter iPhone app out there.

Go get it and be a happier Twitter-user!

Done and done.

4. Things App

I haven’t really shared much of my thoughts about Things App but let me tell you that it rocks.

I use it to help me organize my day and my to-do list of things for my blogs, life, and other work. When it comes to GTD (“Getting Things Done”) I always come back to Things, and now that it syncs with my iPad and the desktop version it’s a true winner.

5. MediaTemple

Although this blog is hosted on VPS I still use MediaTemple for smaller blogs that are in a state of trial and/or incubation.

With the MediaTemple iPhone app I’m able to manage the server there and purchase domains. It’s the latter feature that I use the most and I love how easily I can make those purchases.

This is a good and bad thing since I have way too many domains that I’m not using!

6. ServerDensity

The ServerDensity App is an application that I use for my server management via VPS. I mention this service in my WordPress Hosting blog post here.

It enables me to see the load and to catch issues before they do much damage. It also sends me alerts based on key criteria which I’ve defined.

Most bloggers won’t be using this but I love it.

7. Moleskine App

The Moleskine iPhone app is a new one for me recently but since it’s come out I’ve found it as a great drafting board for my thoughts as well as a simple way to organize topics for blog posts per category.

I’m a firm believer in having a pen and paper but I happen to not have one I’ll opt for this app instead of the native “Notes” app from Apple.

Check it out and let me know your thoughts!

8. Domainr App

Domai.nr is a service which I recommend to help bloggers find the perfect domain name for their blog. I love this web service and when they created an iPhone-specific app I got it on day #1!

It’s perfect to check out new possible domains for blogs or sites.

Beware! You might get addicted. Download at your own risk!

9. ChurchAnalytics

I’ve shared my favorite web analytic applications before and one of them has a native iPhone-specific service included.

You can check out ChurchAnalytics here. It’s a paid service but the app allows you to see all your stats and also all your visitors in real-time.

Pretty sweet and I dig using it.

10. Paypal

Paypal app is a no-brainer for me as I need the ability to manage my financials related to receiving payment and sending payment to my team, authors, editors, and for my business.

It’s clean, simple, and I love the quick-login feature that allows me to jump right in. I also like the “bump” feature for sending people money directly after a meal. Heck, I’ve even purchased a few items in local shops with it!

Get it and go have fun!

11. Dropbox

Dropbox app for the iPhone is one of those miracle applications that I honestly can’t imagine a world without. I have purchased tons of additional space on this thing and I use it daily.

If you haven’t checked out Dropbox then you need to do yourself a favor and get an account today! It’s probably one of the best apps that I’ve ever used, ever.

Yeah. Winning!

12. Skype

The Skype app is one of those apps that I’ve found I use more and more. I use this to connect to not only my business partners but also my family.

I’m not a huge fan of Skype to begin with but there are fewer systems that are as comprehensive and so widely used. I wish someone would make a better application but for now I’m married to it based on community use.

Sigh. But, still a good app.

13. Yammer

Yammer is somewhat like an “internal twitter network” for a particular business or group of people. I use it every single day to connect with my team and to discuss work, projects, and life. In fact, we spend more time talking about life (and random silliness) than anything else but we include that as a part of our important culture.

Yammer for the iPhone let’s me obviously do this on the go and it’s a must-have for teams.

14. Facebook

Obviously I, like all of you, are on Facebook and so I’ve chosen an app to help me stay connected with that near-ubiquitous social network.

There are a lot of paid and premium apps but I’ve opted to use a free one. I’m not a mega-user of Facebook so I haven’t felt inclined to find one. If you’ve got a great suggestion I’m all ears.

15. Evernote

Who could go anywhere without Evernote?

The iPhone app allows me to do nearly everything I can with the desktop version (and web version) and automatically synchronizes all my work.

Are you an Evernote fan? I think it’s great but I’ll be honest that I’m finding it not as essential as I once thought it was going to be.

It’s probably because some other apps are slowly creeping into it’s feature set.

16. Google Mobile

Google’s mobile app for iPhone brings some native capabilities to the iPhone that I really love.

I live and breathe Google Apps and I find more and more of my content and data in their clouds every single day.

Love me some Google, especially for email. Ah, email. I can’t seem to get enough of it.

17. Reeder App

I’ve explained in a previous post about RSS Readers that the Reeder App is pretty much one of the best paid RSS Readers out there for the iOS.

It’s slick, pretty, and super functional. Stay on top of your reading and you’ll be a better blogger, trust me on that!

I know that Google has a good one as well that’s mobile-ready but this one really is a piece of work.

Finally, here are some other apps that I have that I use daily that I find indispensable:

18. USAA
19. Bank of America App
20. Voice Memos Native App

And, of course, my *bonus* app is HandyLight. Good luck finding that one! I’m lucky to have it and it’s awesome. Teehee!

How about you? What are some of the essential mobile apps that you use?

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