Is Datecraft Killer?

So, is a “Killer”? Not so sure about that, especially since it’s not really a “startup”.  We’ve been around for about 10 months now.

But, I do think it’ll be successful.  So, it is “killer” from that perspective!

But, what’s so interesting is that they pulled this data from Mashable’s “sneak peek” review a couple days back and went ahead and posted it up on their site.  It’s pretty funny because the information didn’t come from me…!  I actually pinged KS 10 months ago when we first really came out and asked them to pull a review.

Never happened.

We had a few phone calls back and forth but their site was super slow and their backlog of reviews was monsterous.  I think we got lost in the shuffle, and that’s fine btw., in general, is a fairly interesting website.

I think a year or so ago it was a very important part of my daily browsing lineup.  I had it on a number of my RSS readers and pulled it’s list and updates daily.  I said had because I no longer do this.

Like many services, it’s become extremely spammy, and the level of deep engagement per announce has dropped off significantly.  There used to be some high ratings and an even higher amount of comments.  But, sadly this doesn’t happen anymore.

One of the biggest issues I’ve had with there site in general is that it’s so darn hit-or-miss in regards to user experience!  The site is clunky, a lot of broken links, and just a poor uX in general.  I find that a bit discouraging since they are the arbiter of so many good looking uX sites.  Irony, perhaps.

In anycase, thanks for the shoutout.  We like you a lot too.