My fellow Cryptonauts, ASSEMBLE!

I’ve started putting down the first lines of code in the last week or so and wanted to give you some sneak peeks and behind-the-scenes like we promised!

These are a few raw, uncut screens of the process as put it all together!

Stoked to have this first app into your hot hands for testing… I don’t currently have a good estimate of when that’ll be, but, trust me when I say that we’ll have it to you as soon as we possibly can.

We believe there is a really distinct and neat opportunity to serve the larger cryptonation with the best source of news for all things crypto… and YOU will have a big part to play in making it amazing!

Just think about that for a sec… you will have front-row seats to not only the development but a voice into the design and user-experience of an app that we believe could be in MILLIONS of people’s hands…!

(That’s a lot of responsibility, if I’m to be honest…)

But, I know that we’ve selected the right folks for the task. Thanks for being on board!


Let’s get it done!