It Isn’t Just Hard Work

Growing up, I watched a lot of movies……and one of my favorites, “Back to the Future,” had a life-lesson embedded in the storyline that went like this:

If you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything.

If you just believe in yourself….and with enough elbow grease…..your dreams really can come true.   (Not that I get all my life-lessons from fictional movies……but I really did believe that with enough hard work, anything was possible.)

Lately, however, we’re beginning to wonder if ole’ Marty McFly isn’t horribly mistaken…along with everybody else that’s adopted that philosophy at one time or another.

Our bullet-point logic:

  • Not that working hard isn’t good….it’s just incomplete.
  • “Working Hard” isn’t the only thing people need to be successful.
  • If we work hard doing the wrong things, we still get the wrong results.

I think we’ve all seen people that have worked way less than we have, but have gotten better results.  And we’re always so quick to assume that life must be somehow “treating them special”.

Hard work IS valuable, but having a more complete perspective is even more valuable.

If we aren’t doing the right things, I don’t care how “hard” we work…..we won’t get certain results.

I’ve seen so many people so frustrated because they work “harder” than anyone else we know, but they’re working in the wrong direction.

They’re taking defibrillators to horses that have long since died.

And you can beat the dead horse,
Strategize on how to bring it back to life,
Hold team meetings with it…

..I don’t care what you do, or how hard you work:

Sometimes, you aren’t riding anywhere until you buy a new horse.

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