It Will Change Everything…

The bitcoin and the ethereum:

via Dilbert

Yup, it’s going to change everything!

Remember… we grossly underestimate┬áthe long-term effects while overestimating the short-term:

Amara’s Law is especially applicable in the blockchain and decentralized space because we’ve seen it in near real-time! The excessive and irrational exuberance where folks believe that blockchain is going to change the world… tomorrow… and when it doesn’t it suddenly drops out of fashion before you can even blink.

But the true believers still labor, silently, building the very foundations upon which most (all…!) of us will work and live and play.

Conviction and endurance are what is most needed in today’s fast-changing and fast-paced society; we need more folks to commit and to stay the course in a culture that, for whatever reason, enjoys non-commitment and infidelity.

Everything will change except humans (and human behavior) apparently… perhaps that’s as it should be.