The Power of Iteration: 3 Elements that Maximize Your Blogging

[This is part of the Developing Great Blog Content Series.]

I hope that one of your goals is to become an Iterative Blogger because the result will be better blog content and a better blog overall. Heck, you might even become a better writer too!

You see, “iteration” can mean the following:

  1. Of a procedure that involves repetition of steps (iteration) to achieve the desired outcome.
  2. Expressive of an action that is repeated with frequency.
  3. Describes a procedure which repeats until some condition is satisfied.

Most simply I use this to express it this way as it relates to blogging:

Continually practice, learn, and teach good blogging principles so that you can become a better blogger.

It is really the “continual” aspect that can get a lot of people stuck, which is strange since most of the time I’m simply encouraging people to simply “get up and blog”!

There’s only one way in which I view blogging and life for that matter: Iteratively.

I’m constantly seeking to improve, knowing that I’m not there yet! I have lots to do and part of the process of becoming a better blogger is by practicing.

In fact, most of my improvements have been small tweaks, here and there, that have cumulatively achieved my goal!

Work at Your Craft, Like Art:

As you can see by the cartoon characters I’m currently iterating through some new concepts and drawings with an artist.

This makes complete sense considering that an artist has to do this all the time: Make slight tweaks with their client to find the “right” image.

I’ve gone through a couple rounds and we’re getting close, but we’re not there yet!

Often times though we forget that this is not only a necessary part of the process but can also be a very enjoyable one as well!

There are three things that I suggest you start working on and thinking about so that you can become an Iterative Blogger:

  1. Humility – Remember where you came from and how far you have to go. You’re not there yet!
  2. Learn – Seek to learn as much as you can as often as you possibly can. Find the best resources and soak it up!
  3. Teach – You learn best by being able to teach someone else. Share your new learnings with others.

Using these three techniques and practices you’ll work towards becoming the best blogger you can be.

Have a great day guys!

[This is part of the Developing Great Blog Content Series.]