It’s Not Where You Start…

I took Arden to Lucas Films / Industrial Light & Magic yesterday for a really neat event where folks who helped bring the movies to life shared their experiences on the projects. It was about a 2-hour program, or so, and we had great seats.

The program included live interviews and presentations from visual FX designers, storytellers, in-game and in-movie architecture and design, a business marketer, and more!

They shared their stories on how they came to work at Lucas Films and also shared suggestions on how to get “into” the industry. I was so inspired that I thought I should change my career path…

… at least, for a moment. What fun!

It’s always neat to hear the stories of folks who have discovered and found their “dream job” – always encouraging.

It wasn’t about where they started their careers (none of them started in film or in video games or things even remotely close to digital magic-making… but they all knew that they loved design and art and video games and eventually felt like that they had to make a “change” in their lives and career.

So, in a very normative fashion, they meandered their way into the business and industry and with some lucky breaks, they made it.

It’s not where we start… and it’s not even about where we finish either. It’s about having the courage to make big calls with our lives and our careers knowing that “staying safe” produces only safe results which will, more often than not, lead to regret and lost opportunity.

Not worth it if you ask me.

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