iTunes Connect Mobile App

One of the neat apps for the iPhone is the “iTunes Connect” app that allows me to stay on top of some of the basic information around the app from sales to reviews of the app.

It’s very basic information at this point in time but it would be nice at some point to have even more visibility in how the app is doing.

I would say that the most frustrating thing right now is that it’s not entirely accurate – in fact, I seem to be getting competing answers on how many sales are actually being made via the web interface and the mobile app.

I hope they correct any lag time or cacheing issues between the app and really centralize the reporting a bit. Of course, the best thing would be a little more contact with customers and being able to respond to reviews that the users give – that would be amazing. I could imagine having a small “Reply” button via the app in the future.

Otherwise, this app is just a neat thing to check sometime in the morning to see if I’m hitting some of my internal goals for the app.