Project: XANGA

These hardcore t-shirts that speak undeniable truth are so cool.  People may wonder why I wear these shirts instead of wearing a shirt that instead could say:  “Jesus is cool” or “God is awesome” or whatever happy idea that might come up in one’s mind.  But, sometimes we need the dire truth to ignite our minds.  And, the simple fact is that more people on this earth know who satan is, at least in their own character, actions, ideas, and meditations, than Jesus.  More people are practically affected by satan every single freakin’ day.  He walks among us.  Just walk down Skiles walkway on Georgia Tech campus.  Take a look at how the women dress; tight and scantily clad outfits drawing men’s eyes to bare flesh.  There is no denying it, the women know that this makes our heads turn.  Why do they stumble us so?  Why let satan take control of your precious Temple of the Lord and desecrate and prostitute it out to the lustful eyes of depraved men?  …  Continue walking…  Look at how the men gawk and stare, undressing them in their minds.  Why do we let satan have at us, letting him take control of our eyes and our minds and our subsequent actions?  Do we not understand?  Satan is a liar.  He is the king of deceit.  His utmost desire is to change our hearts to sin and hate and deprive us of the Lord and His infinite Love.  Satan is a liar.  And, he lives among us.  1st Peter 5:8 states: 

Be self-controlled and alert.  Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.  Resist him, standing firm in faith, because you know that your brothers throughout the world are undergoing the same kind of sufferings.

Do we not see?  Apostle Peter knows the truth.  Satan is as loud and as obnoxiously obvious as a roaring lion in your face.  …  It is true.  One of the greatest tricks the devil has every pulled is convincing us that he doesn’t exist.  Uncover the bastard and kick his @$$!!!  Seriously.  Dagg yo.  Stand firm brothers of Christ!  Stand firm sisters!  Let us do our respective parts, seeking to please the Lord in all that we do and represent.  Men, let us seek biblical manhood, edifying our women of God and respecting them with our actions and courtesy.  Women, satisfy not satan’s desire for you to decieve our eyes and our hearts and minds.  Satan knows that the flesh is weak, but Jesus knows that the spirit is willing.  Help us women of God to guide our eyes to the heavens, not to earthly things such as bellybutton rings and bare legs.  …  *sigh*  …  It’s just the simple truth.  Satan, everyday, controls our actions more than we can possible imagine.  We all know who satan is…  but, we need to know the Grace of God and His Infinite Love and Forgiveness.  What a great day it will be when all shall know who the Lord is and satan will be rotting in the depths of his own depravity and pride and satan’s name shall be forever forgotten.  Who do we know more…?  …  And as important, who do we represent…?  God, or satan.  Pick your choice wisely.

And, thus, the first week of Georgia Tech is over.  The sun is shining, the short-shorts and wife-beaters are out and the new freshman women and men are out to impress eachother.  Walking down Skiles walkway seems like running the gauntlet sometimes… … If we could only understand that we are not obligated to impress man, but the Lord our God.  And hey, I fail at this everyday too.  But, what’s great is that there exists no condemnation for those that Love the Lord… but, that’s another lecture for another day I suppose…

Godspeed brothers and sisters.  The year has just begun.  Let us take our steps in the right paths and seek righteousness in Him who has sacrificed His Life for our wretched ones.

And, of course, we all know…  You can’t stop the J-Rock.

{p}  8.27.03