Some people have the gift of mercy and others apparently don’t.

Some people know exactly the right words to say and then there are a few that really don’t get it.

Some people don’t really know how to be a jerk and then there are others who have obviously practiced.

One guy emailed me and told me, essentially, that this happens a lot and that I shouldn’t be too concerned and that I’ll get over it because it (again) “happens to a lot of people”. He proceeded to send me tons of “factual” data and scientific findings.


That’s like telling me at my friend’s funeral that: “Hey, everyone dies eventually, right? You’ll be fine. I mean, we’ve all gotta go sometime, right?”

Could you, sir, be more socially-retarded?

Sorry, /ranting a bit… For those with strong sensibilities here’s the picture I wanted to throw up but couldn’t.

Puaha… that feels a bit better… … … … only a little.