Jetpack Adds Support for Custom Contact & Email Forms


Wow, Jetpack, one of the top WordPress plugins that I install on every blog that I manage, keeps getting better and better!


The last update that I posted was about how they added email subscription options for self-hosted bloggers and now they’ve released custom forms!

It’s as simple as clicking the little icon on the top of your editor and then clicking “add this form”! Could it get any more simple?

You can even customize some of the email notifications as well.

Many of you should be looking into this as a serious alternative to the many other options that are available to you as it’s closer integrated with your blog than many others and it’s already baked into an existing plugin that you (should) already have.

In fact, check it out here on my About Page near the bottom!

Have you checked out the new super-simple form builder for your blog needs? I’d give it a spin!

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