3 Features that Make Jetpack WordPress Plugin a Must-Have for Any Self-Hosted WordPress Blog

Launch your self-hosted blog to new heights!

[This post is part of the Ultimate Guide to Launching a WordPress-Powered Blog series.]

WordPress recently announced a very neat service and WordPress Plugin that you will definitely need to install and use: Jetpack!

It enables many features on your self-hosted WordPress blog that have been typically available only to the WordPress.com folks (read more about the differences between the two here).

I’ve been spending the last week testing out some of the features and I’m now very confident that it’s a must-have for your blog. Here are a few things that I especially like:

1. The updated version of WordPress.com Stats is sweet! No longer are you using a Flash-based reporting system!

Even more advanced features!

There are even more features available and stats are much easier to read. Please note that this takes the place of your current WordPress.com Stats Plugin so you’ll want to deactivate that one for this updated one!

I mention the need for Analytics on your blog here as well as WP Stats being one of the top WordPress Plugins I always install on every blog here.

2. Advanced Gravatar functionality in your comment section is pretty neat! You can hover over gravatar-enabled commenters and see more info about them. Try it on any post here on this blog! Make sure you get one if you haven’t (and then update it)!

Sweet new features for Gravatars!

3. Sharing is now even easier with Sharedaddy functionality! Here’s a brief overview video that’ll give you the details:



4. Custom Contact Forms are now available! I blogged about this here but this is a super-awesome addition to an already-great plugin!



And more! Those are just some of the new features available that you’ll want to check out. Again, I put this on the “must-have” list of WordPress Plugins, so go get it today: Jetpack.me!

[This post is part of the Ultimate Guide to Launching a WordPress-Powered Blog series.]