Whoa… I’m Joining The Iron Yard


The Iron Yard

It’s been a whirlwind of activity in the last few weeks and to say that I’m exhausted would be somewhat of an understatement.

On the very backend of a pretty insane year this was the last thing that I could have possibly imagined working through to close out an already-full 2013 calendar year. Unexpected, humbled, and very, very excited.

The Iron Yard in an organization (Accelerator/Incubator, Coworking, Code School) that I’ve worked with for the past few years as a mentor and advisor to more than a few of their cohorts. I’ve created some significant relationships over the last few years and love the people, the vision, and where they are headed.

To be honest, the first time I visited their campus in Greenville I told Peter that I’d love to do something like this in the future – we both grinned. A few years he surprised me with an opportunity that I really couldn’t refuse.

Well, it wasn’t a complete *surprise* as we’ve been conversing throughout the past few years and even more recently but I had a pretty good idea about what my 2014 year looked like and it did not include joining such a kickass organization as Partner; obviously things are being reconfigured significantly and the ride has just begun.

Strategically I’ll be working with the team to help build and establish an even tighter organizational system to manage the obvious expansion and growth that we’re experiencing as well as overseeing the development of the Atlanta Academy and Code School Campus – I’m particularly excited about the expansion of our educational program as it’s something that I’ve been passionate for years and TIY is changing people’s lives, quite literally, through the comprehensive and intense training.


Serious engineering.

I mean, just imagine that you can, in a short (but super-intense) 3 months time have a better paying, more exciting career in high tech and software?

You come with a fertile and ready mind and we’ll lay a foundation that’ll serve you for a lifetime with a technical skillset that puts many 4-year programs to shame.

But more importantly we’ll teach you how to think rightly about software and technology that you can take literally anywhere.

Oh, and we guarantee job offer(s) right out of the program (within 6 months) or your money back. Yeah, we’re that serious about our program! Oh, and it gets better: We provide housing, a Macbook Air, and a bike to get around on. Hold up, wait a minute?!? Yes, I know, it’s pretty amazing. The return on investment is out of this world.

We are hiring!

We are hiring!

Existing alumni have already joined some prestigious tech companies or even started their own boutique consulting businesses or joined funded startups.

So, if you’re serious about changing not just your career but your life then take a look at what we’re doing with our Code School and remember that it’s coming to Atlanta very soon!

So with that I’m excited to officially announce my new role with The Iron Yard! You can read the official announcement here (and a somewhat off-the-cuff video too). Oh… and hey, we’re hiring and I’d love to chat…!

And for those interested in knowing, yes, I’m going to continue to work on Pressgram but things will be shifting quite a bit as I spend more time with TIY. I’ve got a killer community team that’s going to take on more serious and larger roles and the development timeline will change a bit. I don’t have firm details on how tactically it will change quite yet but the roadmap is locked in and I’m looking for even more engineering help, especially since I was able to raise a round of funding for the venture. And besides, there are some big changes coming up that you won’t want to miss!

Exciting times, that’s for sure… and it’s one helluva way to end 2013 and begin 2014!