Joy to Build

The singular reason why I believe the small (but growing!) project that I’m working on has serious legs and is going to be wildly successful is because we have, quite emphatically, the best community around us on the planet.

So much so that they go to great lengths to support us and, more importantly, one another. They educate, inform, inspire, correct, and promote each other every single day. They invest their own hours, their own time, their own money and resources to build content and community around our collective vision for a better future.

It’s pretty much impossible to overstate their impact and their resolve, their hearts and dedication to the greater community around YEN. I saw this the other day and it blew my mind:

Here, one of my community members, Bobby, spent his own time designing and producing an education and awareness video for the broader cryptocurrency community!

The future of our project lies squarely in the hands of the foundational relationships that we’ve built and I couldn’t be more happy to wake up, every single day, and serve them. It is a great pleasure and honor.

What a joy it is to build with and for folks who love and support one another.

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