Julia Nunes and Reinvention

Julia Nunes’ decision to reinvent herself, internet-wise, is striking. She purposefully removed a number of her Youtube videos that helped make her “internet famous” to begin with.

That’s bold:

I took down a bunch of videos bc I don’t want what I’m doing now to be lost amongst what I’ve done for the past 8 years. I don’t want the best thing I’ve ever done to be 10% of what you can find if you’re looking.

I want anyone who is just finding me now to see who I really am. Later, they can dig deep into the internet and find my nose ring but until then I wanna greet the world as I am now.

And I applaud this big time as it is giving her a fresh start in the internet world, even if all of those other things are indexed for all eternity (and can still be found, if sleuthed hard enough).

Julia Nunes - Then, Now.

Julia Nunes – Then, Now.

The reality is that most people don’t really care about the older stuff – they want to get to know the person you are today and in time they will appreciate the story arcs that got you there. I can think upon all of the digital reinventions that I’ve had over the years and not a single time has it held me back professionally.

In fact, they have done nothing but release me to go further personally and professionally. They have freed me to be the best (and most updated) version of myself. I have lost little and gained much in these transitions – I imagine I’ll continue to pursue avenues of reinvention for the rest of my life – I imagine that you should too.



Dropping my old @Saddington handle for @8BIT earlier this month was a big shift for me. I “lost” a lot of follower but what I’ve gained in the last few weeks has been totally worth it.

A total, hard reset on the tweets was a big commitment too. I currently stand at 439 tweets via @8BIT and left over 61,000 on @Saddington – that’s a lot of tweets and a lot of history and a lot of images and a lot of stories that were told… A lot of things happened on that account and turning my back on it is an odd feeling, to be sure.

But moving forward has always been infinitely more important than living in the past although appreciating it and reflecting upon it is indubitably important.

In fact, it makes me wonder if there’s even more that I could do to “reset” my digital and online presence. Of course, one would begin with understanding motive and purpose and that’s where most people would get hung up, but for me, it wouldn’t take much more than a simple sustained desire for a fresh start.

Or, at least as fresh as the internet would allow.