Just the Basics

There are some days where you can barely even knock out “the basics” or perhaps the fundamentals… you know, the things that are absolutely essential for survival.

Sleep, food, and making sure that your children also get those things as well.

On days like those you must fight every urge to be (and stay) negative. The anxiety or fear or anger that one may feel because they are unable to accomplish what one feels they need to accomplish above and beyond the basics is oftentimes hard to manage and maneuver through.

Today, for instance, I’m not entirely sure I got anything done outside of ensuring that my kids were fed, clothed properly, and that one of them got to school on time (and then picked up).

Other than that, I didn’t really get into any of my own “professional” work and my inbox is an absolute wreck. This is mostly because young, 10-week old “King Buddy” (as we like to call him) is… … … rather opinionated.

“King Buddy”

So, my time is spent ensuring that he gets what he needs so he doesn’t die.

This, of course, doesn’t leave room for much else. So, when my wife and I get to the end of the day and we’re totally wasted… we just have to look at each other and say:

Well, at least we got the basics in.

… and, you know what…? We can classify that as a “good” day.