Good products challenge people to rethink their existing workflows and consider changing them so that they might adopt the new tool.

This requires time and patience, trial and error, and can even create a lot of anxiety.

The difference between a good product and a great one is that a great one simply changes the user’s workflow magically.

And, it really does feel like magic when it works well. Instead of anxiety it can create excitement. Instead of the user feeling as if their investing time that they can’t afford to invest they, instead, feel that their time is well-spent.

This is the aim of any good product designer and developer. Our goal is to fundamentally transform your existing workflow(s) for the better. And, if we do our job well, then, we can be handsomely rewarded for it.

CryptoYum Development — Nov, 2017

I’m working on two current mobile (iOS) applications right now that I hope impacts the users in these positive ways. I hope that they are seen and understood as great products instead of just good products.

I believe that CryptoYum has a unique opportunity to transform a bitcoin, blockchain, and cryptocurrency enthusiast’s reading workflow permanently, becoming a daily source of inspiration and news and education for them regarding one of the most exciting technology movements of our time.

I really can’t wait to get it into our Alpha / Beta user’s hands so that they can help me refine the native workflow so that it works well with their own.

George App Development — Nov, 2017

With George I’ve built a mobile workflow around creating accountability for my own tasks and get-shit-done system that mirrors my own natural behavior and enhances it for the better.

I barely spend any time in the app itself because there are opportunities for me to engage with the app quickly without ever opening it (a’la 3D touch):

Add it, remove it… get back to work.

My personal productivity has increased and it couldn’t be better timed since having a new kiddo arrive recently.

But most importantly is the fact that I was more than willing to change my own personal workflow to accommodate the increased performance. It’s been a joy to use and I’m glad to finally have a To-Do list app that actually works and that I’ve actually kept around for longer than a week (or two).

The real tests have been when I’ve demo’d it for friends and unaffiliated folks during my own user-tests. When I show it to them and they reply:

Whoa… you just changed my workflow.

Then I know I’m onto something special.

We want to build products that do just that. Nothing special… just magical.

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