It’s Just Hard Work

As I embark on yet another experiment-that-hopes-to-become-more-than-just-an-experiment (I think that’s a “thing” for me…) I’m working through all of the strategies and tactics that I’ve employed over the many, many years.

These roads are well-worn and yet, at the very same time, they feel fresh and new and just as exciting; this is because the projects are always new and fresh too.

For instance, as I put together “Project Pinpoint” (or what it’s temporarily called) I’m putting together landing pages, new tooling and accounts, and all of the groundwork required to get something moving.

I’m also, per usual, sharing my thoughts on how I’m putting things together (like optimizing landing pages) and incentivizing readers to subscribe to a new (yes… new!) email newsletter (you should subscribe), and all of that jazz.

A newer design that works much better.

A newer design that works much better.

But, what I love about building stuff is that one has the unique opportunity to do it even better the next time. What makes entrepreneurship and building companies so much fun is that there are always new things to learn and new ways of doing things – it never does get dull.

Something different that I’m doing this time is asking more questions of the community (and potential customers) than I have in the past: Here’s a list of 30+ questions, for instance.

Building product is never the hard part – making a product that people really want and that people will really purchase, now that is the hard part. And, very few people get to it (or find product-market fit) without working your ass off to do it.

I no longer believe in Kevin Costner’s version of product-building: If you build it, they will come. This mentality is broken and no amazing product works as a business without marketing and growth strategies being implemented.

Even the fastest growing and most successful products today are marketing constantly – it just looks different for every company (but it’s all really good storytelling, at the core).

But you know what is always true? It’s always hard work. Always. Regardless of how many times I’ve started new projects the type of work is aways principally the same: Hard.

It might look fluid or that I have some extreme level of competency but that is an illusion. Don’t be fooled.

Any artist or creative person knows this intimately: Creating our art is just as hard today as it was when we first started, it’s just different: We have a more refined perspective, we “enter” into our creative work differently, and we have different (not better) tools at our disposal, and we have a ton of sores, calluses, and even scar tissue.

He is truly "impossible".

He is truly “impossible“.

In fact, as I watched Lionel Messi score a flawless and perfect free kick last night with my family against the USA (Argentina won 4-0) I immediately thought this:

He must have practiced that 100,000 times… but… he made it look so easy!

… as if it was as natural as breathing. But, he knows (and we all know) that it’s been hard work, an uncompromising amount of investment to make all of that just sing beautifully.

And that’s all it is. Hard work.

So, don’t stop, don’t quit, just keep going. If it’s really hard then there’s a good chance that you’re on the right track.