“Just Have Fun”

Yeah, I’m doing this right:

I hated it. For many angsty teenage years, it felt like she was dismissing how real my problems were, trivializing what I cared about most. It only took me a decade or so for it to finally click. Making “have fun” the goal is the key that unlocks everything.

via Key Values

It really does.

I continually tell my kids that, sometimes, “having fun” is not just the goal but also the only barometer that’s worth paying attention to when trying new things (or doing anything for that matter).

I repeat this for them but I also say it for my own good, because I can quickly forget about this operating principle. Perhaps it just feels unprofessional or immature, but, it’s really not.

Can “having fun” make you a lot of money? Sure, sometimes. Can “having fun” make you just enough money to be satisfied, allowing one to lead a very fulfilling and meaningful life? Absolutely.

Does “having fun” while making money sound pretty impossible to you? If it does, then, perhaps you need more of it in your own life — time to make a change.