Just Normal

I received this note from someone the other day and it really encouraged me… quite a lot.

I don’t get these types of notes often but when I do it means a lot to me.

I’m not a great role model, to be honest, but, I do care about building stuff that matters and working with people that I respect and love. Out of those things, I receive, in return, joy and purpose.

I also, as a natural consequence, am able to fulfill my (growing) duties and responsibilities as a husband and father and fiscal provider.

It isn’t always easy (it’s never easy) but it’s doable and I’ve built system(s) that work and have found that some of them are scalable… for the things that are not, well… I just rebuild them when I need to.

Life isn’t better or worse as someone with mental disorders but it’s my life and I really like it, which, is a good thing because it’s the only life that I’ve got (and I get). Each one of us have to build an environment and ecosystem that allows us to flourish and grow and that creates meaning and value for ourselves and for others.

It’s a sad mistake to believe that it has to look like anyone else’s… that’s one of the bigger lessons that I’ve learned in the past decade, if I’m to be honest. There is no “best practice” to life and there are very few “hard and fast” rules to follow.

Build it, love it, share it. And, in that way, it might become “normal”… even though it won’t ever be; and that’s perfectly fine.