If I Had Just Started Earlier…

I was randomly searching through some older blog posts when I happened across this post from March of 2011. In it I shared some of my “expert” advice on how to get started with “video blogs”.

… … … LOL. Reading (the video is long gone…) my “10 Tips” elicits a few different emotions, if I’m to be honest. On one hand I’m very happy that my tips then were very much the same as now, which is to keep it personal, have fun, and just get started.

And on the other hand I had a brief, yet deep moment of regret as I sat their pondering what it would look like now if I had, myself, taking my own advice and just started a vlog more than 5 (nearly 6) years ago.

Wow… I can’t imagine what that could have been like. I might have 10’s of thousands (maybe hundreds of thousands… maybe millions…?!?) of subscribers instead of 300.

Perhaps… just maybe… I could have built an entirely different creative career for myself and now be spending my time doing something entirely different with my life.

But who knows… and who really cares. I made my decisions back then on the data that I had and in the amount of time that was available to execute. And, at the time, video blogging wasn’t really “a thing” as it is now, so, it wasn’t obvious that it was going to eventually turn into what it is now.

But… man…! What it could have been?! That’s just exciting to think. If I had just started earlier.

You know… we now face many of the same decisions with our lives. 5 years from now we’ll look back at moments like these and we’ll either be grateful that we started or regretful that we didn’t.

Now, I didn’t start vlogging because I want to be internet famous or have a million subscribers or anything like that; I’m pretty clear and at peace with my decision, but there are a few other things in my life that I know I’d probably regret not doing that I have an opportunity to start today.

So, I’m going to do something about it. You should too.