Kaboom and You Die


Project: XANGA


You know I have to represent da j-RoCk everywhereupindismother!

This was on the 1984 Winter Olympic Bobsled track in Sarajevo, Bosnia.  A couple of yards away were live mines… you know, the ones that when you step on them they go ‘kaboom’ and you die, or at least lose some precious part of your body.  I wanted to throw rocks at them and see if I could detonate one, but, my leader said that would be a relatively ‘bad’ idea…  …  Okok.  I guess so.  I decided not to ask if we could take one of the rusty bobsleds down for a test run… that would just be another not-so-good idea.  Good call.  Good call.

God, I Love You.  And I Love that you got me home safely without stepping on a landmine.  I didn’t lose a leg… but, close…

Have a great one boyz and girlz!  ACG RETREAT BABYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!

Oh, something else… WHERE ARE ALL THE SYNOD PICS?!?  I haven’t heard or seen anything…  Did it even exist?  Shizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz… 

{p}  8.11.03